Poul Winslow PIPES !
Winslow Pipes from Denmark ! 

Winslow pipes and Viprati pipes were my entrance to the high grades pipes world. The "Pipe Shop" owner Mr. Dreier from my favourite pipes shop here in Graz showed me some pipe from Poul and I felt in love with his unusual way to attach applications and the gimmicks of his pipes. His style is lively and happy and whenever I smoke a Winslow I feel like that !! 

Here is my personal Winslow selection and I am proud of each piece I own. They smoke well and dry and the only thing I can criticize on Winslows is the precarboized bolwcouating. It gives a "not sooo good" taste at the first few smokes, but when the pipes are broken in they smoke very fine !

Okay here we go - !
please click on the pipe-icons if you want to see the larger pictures of each pipe and a short discription !!


last update: november 2001
(c) 2001 by martin steinthaler