Luigi Viprati PIPES !
Luigi Viprati pipes from Italy ! 

As I said with the Winslow pipes....Viprati and Winslow were my entrance to the high grades pipes world. Viprati has one big advantage. I meet him personaly at a pipe show in Graz. I speak a little Italian so we could comunicate and had some nice red wine. He told me much about his own way of living and working. From that time on I kept my eye on his work. I love the superp quality of his Briar. One relative of Luigi is a Briar cutter and so it is clear that he gets one of the best Briar you can get for your money. 

Here is my personal Viprati collection and I am proud of each piece I own. I had to brake in bowls with coating and without couting on his higher grades. Both smoke fine but if I where asked I prefer a virgin bowl :-)) Well who not....

Okay here we go - !
please click on the pipe-icons if you want to see the larger pictures of each pipe and a short discription !!


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