My own made pipes !
Well here they are. I was thinking about carving my own pipe since I started with pipesmoking. Then somewhere in April 1999 I discovered a pipemaker near Graz-Austria and visited him at his workshop. He told me a lot about making pipes and offered me some Ebauchons and some mouthpiece brutes. The pipemaker was Peter Matzhold and I purchased three carving kits and started...
Since that time a very warm friendship begun and only a few month later I made a hompage for Peter. He told me alot of tricks and hints on how to carve a pipe and he gave me the posibility to use his tools. On my very first pipes I only used an electric drilling machine and some sanding bits for the driller. The handsanding was done with 80-120-240-400-600 and 1000 sanding paper. Polishing was made with a buffing-wheel bit for the driller. Staining was made with a regular alcohol staining.So all you really need is a lot of sanding paper, a driller, a buffing wheel, some stain and wax and of course time ! 
Now a long short while later I found out how relaxing and fun it can be to carve on Briar. In my profession it is a very good exercise to get some more feeling for form and function. And after all the work you have a pipe made by yourself that you can be proud of. I am proud of mine. It does not matter how good they look to others. If they smoke well and look good to you they are always worth the time you spend on making them.

So here is are some of my own made pipes. Not all are beauties and not all smoke well but some of them......okay please take a look !!

please click on the pipe-icons if you want to see the larger pictures of each pipe and a short discription !!

please stay tuned as I try to update some more pipes very soon !!


last update: november 2001
(c) 2001 by martin steinthaler
pdatet on 29.10.2001