Matzhold Pipes from Austria ! Peter Matzhold is a pipemaker in Graz - Austria - district Steiermark. You find his Homepage here:

I am Peters webmaster and help him to organize his homepage and e-mail's. From time to time I get myself a pipe from Peter. It can be a hard job to work and picture Peters pipes and could not take one home with me every time I am there. Since more than a year I can see him working and creating new pipes and shapes and every time I visit Peter at his shop I am more surprised about his creations. He is one of the most innovative pipemakers I have seen so far. And for sure he is one of the best in choosing and collecting his Briar.

Here is my personal Matzhold selection and I am proud of each piece I own. They smoke well and dry and I mostly smoke virginia flakes out of my Matzholds. I find them to be perfect for Virginia and Virginia Perique flakes.

Okay here we go - !
please click on the pipe-icons if you want to see the larger pictures of each pipe and a short discription !!