Peter Heeschen PIPES !
Peter Heeschen Pipes from Denmark !

It is not easy to discribe the pipe from Peter. They are a bit smaller in size than the regular danish sizes. They have a typical danish touch but with an extra something. The man behind is just the same. A bit smaller than the everage Dane but with an extra touch :-) A very nice and humorous man. I meet him at the CPCC show in Chicago 2001 and when I saw his pipes I had to get some. They are exactly my size and they smoke wunderful !! Peter is a tool maker and he uses an extra driller for the mouthpiece. His pipes smoke very cool and dry and his prices are moderate. If you ever run accross a Heeschen and you like the shape try one.

please click on the pipe-icons if you want to see the larger pictures of each pipe and a short discription !!


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